Florian Frier — Graphic Design
02 — French & Dutch Young Talents 2016

Design and production of a modular typeface, posters, signage and a promotional teaser for the « 8e rencontres » of French & Dutch Young Talents 2016 which took place in parallel to the Erasme-Descartes conference in Paris on October 14th and 15th 2016, in collaboration with the Franco-Dutch Network of Higher Education (FRNL), EP-Nuffic, the Embassy of France and the French Institute of the Netherlands. During these annual meetings, 15 Dutch students and 15 French students gather their expertise around a question and put forward innovative and practical answers to the submitted problem. This year’s edition broached the subject of « cultural heritage and innovation ».
These two ideas seem contradictory at first, but work wonderfully together. Through different communication mediums we canted to combine heritage and technology, blending rough semantic and graphic languages with a digital touch into the construction of a modular typography.

2016 — Typography, Motion Design & Signage
Team work with Mustapha Bensalem