Florian Frier — Graphic Design
05 — The Yeezy Project

« The Yeezy Project » is a three-part work between editorial design, photography and motion design.

01 — Editorial project of a strategic and economic analysis about the exposure of « Yeezy », the Kanye West capsule collection in partnership with Adidas. That edition embodies the collection soul: textiles alterations, a non-respect of the sewing standards and an irreverence form, reflected in the edition through a conflict between the typographic grid system and composition.

02 — Making a photoshoot of models wearing the collection clothes. The photos will be later used on some objects of communication, as impaired and damaged as the collection.

03 — Creation of a promotional teaser video announcing the « Yeezy collection » arrival, using an interview with Kanye West explaining his creative motivations between some « glitched » and digitically damaged video sequences of those models wearing this collection.

2016 — HND Graduation Project — Editorial, Photography and Motion Design