Florian Frier — Graphic Design
07 — Radio France/Founding myths

Research and production of an animated film for « Mythes fondateurs : la création du monde », a live concert by Maison de la Radio at Radio France’s choir on November 21st 2015, in Paris. The concert is related to the exhibition « Mythes fondateurs : d’Hercule à Dark Vador » which took place in Petite Galerie du Louvre. Referring to the story of the creation of the world seen by the Mesopotamian civilization, I wanted to make a formal and symbolic research around a tablet fragment where was read some cuneiforms signs dealing with the founder myth. The scriptures are graphically read to incarnate at the same time a read and written myth and a myth bursting through the image, relating a creation cosmogony through the sparkle. This video was a support for a live percussion improvisation.

2015 — Motion design — Sound by Emmanuel Curt — Event page